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Welcome to the Death Kingdom-, um I mean, Moon Kingdom.
An old woman dressed all in black hobbles up to you on a cane. Hello child, she says in an eerie voice that makes you shiver, it has been a long time since I've seen any humans around here, a VERY long time.Almost three thousand years. But whos counting? She reaches into her black cloak and pulls out a picture. That's me. She says, showing you the picture, your jaw drops in disbelief. That WAS me, a long time ago,she sees you, Why, what's wrong child? Oh, I know, you know who this girl is, don't you? (You nod) And you don't believe this could possibly be the old hag that stands before you, do you? (You nod again, blushing) Well, then let me explain, I honestly don't know why you have come SO far in the future, you must have if you know whom Minako is. Or shall I say, Sailor Venus, Senshi of Love and Beauty. Hmmmmmm, well let me see, where to start? Well, um, Okay, I know.

The Moon Kingdom heirs weren't all Serenity had dreamed they would be. After Usagi's death most of the people of the moon were celebrating, her reign had been a strange one. But, they were terrified at the reign to come...CHIBI USA'S!!!! They were right to be afraid. The second her mother died, Usa had the whole kingdom painted PINK!!!! Worst of all, we Senshi couldn't stop her; we were all too old and feeble to do anything. Shortly after, Raye died, trying to light an oven with a fireball. When Jadeite heard of this, he came and trapped her spirit in an oven, where it resides to this day. A few weeks after, Ami died, trying to fill her bathtub with Shine Aqua Illusion. When Jadeite heard of this death, he quickly rushed over and trapped HER spirit in a glass of water, where it resides to this day. We Senshi were getting scared; WE WERE DYING BECAUSE WE WERE ALL BECOMING OLD AND SENIAL!!!! Who would be the next victim? A year or so later, Makoto, died. She being afraid of just about anything was scared by her own shadow. To defend herself against that "Terrible Beast" she shot out a lighting bolt. Well, her old age kicked in and she forgot to put that stupid lightning rod up and WAM! Crispy-fried Jupiter. The next to go was Setsuna, she, being the oldest died peaceful in her sleep. Boy was she lucky! The next after that was Haruka. Poor old Uranus couldn't stand having her drivers license revoked, course, she couldn't see a damn thing either. That didn't stop her though; she took off driving and drove right off a cliff on to the sharp stones below. Boy, that had to hurt, but at least she couldn't see it happen. That broke Michiru's heart, but surprisingly it wasn't Neptune who went insane. We could all see it through the years. Hotaru becoming weirder and weirder. But no one ever suspected she would throw herself off the balcony. Well, that's life for ya.
I on the other hand, didn't die. I stand before you, I, well I am gothic. And proud of it! Neptune also didn't die, but she is sad, quite depressed over her partner's death. She sulks around the palace all day. It's sickening!
Well, anyway, the queen is still Usa. She has had a daughter though, Princess Ria. And Ria is NOTHING like her sweet pink mother. She LOVES midnight blue, and she IS NOT sweet, she's as evil as me. And that's pretty bad.
So please, come and play with us here at the Moon Kingdom, but don't get me angry...I GET VIOLENT! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Please join The Death Chronicles RPG, the futuristic Sailor Moon RPG with a twist of humor and drama at the same time!

RPG Updates
~3-26-01~ I have officially started this page! Enjoy!

Me...Sorceress Minako...a very long time ago...

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